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Beautifully clever code, created simply.

Here at Naked Element we design and build made to measure, enterprise software and cross platform mobile apps.

What’s more our entire business has been built upon the quality of the work we produce as well as our collaborative partnerships with clients. This means that our clients not only get what they want, but what they need and what’s truly best for their business.

But, what does made to measure, enterprise software and cross platform mobile apps really mean? Let’s break it down:

About Us
The Naked Element Team.

Naked Element is an Enterprise Software Services Provider specialising in Enterprise  Software Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development and Agile methodologies.

Working across mobile, web and cloud platforms and providing a cohesive service covering graphic design and user interface and experience design we’ve successfully carried out projects for brands of all shapes and sizes and across a number of leading sectors. Our experienced team of specialists has developed Enterprise Software solutions for many industries, such as Insurance and Finance as well as the Public Sector.

Paul Grenyer

Matthew Wells


How We Work

As one of an increasing number of companies across the UK to apply the tried and tested Agile approach to our business, everything we do centres around effective customer engagement.

We design, build and take care of every detail involved in developing software, but you remain in control at all times. You get to see, feel and touch your software as it is developed. The software will be used in your business, so it's important you have your say throughout the process.  The benefits to our customers of this level of collaboration are that:

bullet Expectations will be clearly understood, agreed and exceeded

bullet Working and potentially releasable software is developed in short time frames

bullet We can respond quickly to change and you don’t end up paying for work you don’t need

bullet Projects are broken down into manageable chunks, reviewed and agreed, ensuring you are happy every step of the way

bullet Delays and any associated costs are reduced

bullet You are in the driving seat and can directly influence the direction of a solution, checking it is fit for purpose and addresses the need it was developed for in the first place.

We know that no two customers’ requirements are exactly the same. We always pride ourselves in our effective internal and external communication, we don’t over complicate things but encourage you to pick up the phone or pop by, as people solve problems not processes.


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Our Process

AgileInfographicBefore we put pen to paper, or even cut code, we define a project's user stories. This is a term used by Agile methodologies for the who, what where and why of a project's requirements and defines the features the software needs to include.

Every project we carry out is broken down into manageable development chunks called iterations. The user stories help us understand the features that are important to you and allow us to estimate what will be delivered within each iteration, how many iterations are required and how long the overall project will take. This means you always have a clear indication of a project’s costs and as we regularly review progress, you never get any nasty surprises at the end of a project. Naked Element only ever charge per complete iteration, after delivering working software that you are happy with.

We have successfully used this process in a wide range of projects to date and we're so confident that you will be delighted with the quality of our work and the rate at which we deliver, we don’t usually require any upfront costs or commitment beyond the current iteration.

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