The Future is Here – Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

Matt from Naked Element Wednesday 23rd September saw the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce hold a tech event for local businesses. Hosted by the charming Huw Sayer, the morning event focused on technology and its growing importance in business. Speakers from different sectors talked about tech - including our own Matthew Wells! - and [...]

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NorDevCon 2016 to Support The Curly Hair Project

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), which include Asperger’s Syndrome, have been at the centre of documentaries, an oscar winning movie starring Dustin Hoffman and a best selling novel that even went on to take Broadway and the West End by storm. But most research so far has focused on the male presentation, with the challenges facing [...]

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Full day Workshop GO learn(6*time.Hour)

What: Full day workshop GO learn(6*time.Hour) When: Wednesday 21st October, 9.00am - 4.45pm Where: King's Centre, Norwich How Much: £35.00 RSVP:   Prerequisites Laptop with Ethernet connection (preferred) or Wifi Previous Programming Experience The Go Language installed (see below) This workshop will get experienced programmers new to Go started with the language and allow [...]

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2, Recorder Road Norwich NR1 1NR

Phone: 01603 383 458