Break-away for breakfast

Breakaway is a relaxed yet focused networking breakfast. It all kicks off around 7.15am. As people arrive they relax by grabbing a hot drink, chatting and greeting familiar faces and one or two new ones. From about 7.30 they sit down and each member does ‘one minuter’, Some people talk about their business and some [...]

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SyncNorwich: The Brandbank Story

I often find myself describing the structure of tech companies in Norfolk to people. In terms of size we have Aviva at the top, a lower layer of large SMEs such as Validus, Proxama, Virgin Wines and EPoS Now in the middle and then countless micro businesses and smaller SMEs at the bottom. I’ve been [...]

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Event: Breakfast with John Beer of The Centre for Advanced Knowledge Engineering

What: Breakfast with John Beer of The Centre for Advanced Knowledge Engineering When: 7.30 to 8.30am, Wednesday, 23rd March, 2016 Where: The Oak Room, The Maids Head Hotel, Tombland, Norwich, NR3 1LB How much: £11 RSVP: ‘The Centre for Advanced Knowledge Engineering’ a catalyst for changing the Employment, Skills and Aspirations Landscape of the [...]

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Event: The Miracle of Generators & Three years a full-time Go programmer

When: 6.30pm to 9pm, Wednesday 3rd February, 2016 Where: The King's Centre, King Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH RSVP: The Miracle of Generators Bobil Stokke (@bodill) The ECMAScript 2015 specification introduced iterators, which generalise iteration over common data structures, as well as providing an interface for allowing you to iterate over any custom data structures [...]

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Don’t Promote Your Developers

Yes you read correctly. Don’t promote your developers. They deserve to stay where they are. Having worked for a number of companies who believe the only way to show their appreciation for hard working developers is to give them more responsibility, I am a firm believer in doing the exact opposite. Companies move successful developers [...]

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Norfolk Chamber Careers Focus Group

On Friday 15th of January I attended the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce’s careers focus group at the invitation of Caroline Williams. The focus group was looking at the careers service in schools and what could be done to get schools and businesses working together more effectively. Joining us to hear and collate our views were [...]

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Microsoft & The Guardian Join The 2016 NorDevCon Line Up

We thought you'd like to know that Microsoft and the Guardian have joined the NorDevCon 2016 line up! Building applications using the Universal Windows Platform (Friday) Paul Foster (Microsoft) Windows 10 introduces the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which further evolves the Windows Runtime model and brings it into the Windows 10 unified core. As part of the [...]

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Norwich City College Networking Breakfast

The Naked Element team got up in the dark and the cold to visit Norwich City College this morning. The college's Start Up Lounge was hosting a Business Networking Breakfast so local businesses could meet students interested in their field. After heading straight for the tea urn (I cannot function without a cuppa) we met [...]

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Tech event: BBC Micro:bit – What is it & What can you do with it?

Come to the University Technical College Norfolk in February to hear about the new BBC Micro:bit, an exciting new piece of mini-tech to be handed out in schools across the country. The small, codeable device will be given to pupils in year 7 throughout the UK in a bid to introduce them to technology and [...]

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