Making Connections: Epos Now & Kevlin Henney

Norfolk is very lucky to have a thriving tech scene, one which supports growth and encourages its members to help each other where they can. Adrian Pickering from Epos Now experienced this firsthand when he was after an experienced educator for his developers and was introduced to Kevlin Henney. Adrian saw Kevlin give a talk [...]

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The cloud – What is it really? Why should I be using it?

Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and applications over the Internet, instead of your computer's hard drive. In essence the Cloud is a metaphor for the Internet. Nearly every internet user is using the Cloud in some way, they just might not realise it. The Cloud can be broadly divided into 3 different types: [...]

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Norwich City Council Leader’s Reception

When you think about networking and presentation venues in Norwich the castle doesn’t immediately spring to mind, but it should. Think about it. The castle has a prominent position within the city, offers fantastic views of the city, has plenty of open space inside for mingling and/or dinner tables and has, it turns out, a [...]

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Experts in Integration

Integration is all around us. It’s what makes stuff work together seamlessly and, when done well, it means we don’t even notice it. An integration is essentially joining two or more things together. In tech terms we all take advantage of an integration every day when we charge our mobile phones or tablets. Our chargers [...]

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Breakfast with John Beer of the Centre for Advanced Knowledge Engineering

We were delighted to have John Beer of the Centre for Advanced Knowledge Engineering speak at the fourth Norfolk Developers breakfast at the Maids Head in Norwich. I’ve heard a lot in the last week about how the problem with getting young people leaving school in Norfolk into jobs is a lack of aspiration. I’ll [...]

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Norfolk Developers March 2016 Update

The first bit of good news is that the JavaScript workshop was a huge success and you can read more about it and some of the future plans for Norfolk Developers here: Another piece of good news is that the NorfolK Developers breakfast with John Beer of the Centre for Advanced Knowledge Engineering on Wednesday [...]

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Event: Building Serverless Applications with AWS & Hackathon 101 – Lessons Learnt

What: Building Serverless Applications with AWS & Hackathon 101 - Lessons Learnt When: Wednesday 13th April 2016, 6.30pm to 9.30pm Where: The King's Centre, King Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH RSVP: Ian Massingham of AWS returns to Norfolk Developers to give his cancelled NorDevCon 2016 session. Building Serverless Applications with AWS Ian Massingham (@IanMmmm) It [...]

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JavaScripting across the universe

I’ve been using JavaScript reluctantly on and off for years. I’m currently working on a project that is highly dependant on JQuery based, handwritten JavaScript. Just as Rupert described in this workshop, I am one of the world’s copy-and-paste JavaScripters, so I thought it was about time I looked at it more closely to see [...]

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