Agile on the Bench

Agile on the Bench

Inspired by the spontaneous talks held in London, Nor(DEV) decided to have a crack at its first ‘Agile on the Bench’ session. Essentially a group of developers gather for an hour at lunchtime and someone offers to talk for five or ten minutes about a relevant subject, promoting impromptu discussion and hopefully a lively lunchtime session. Ah, what a nice idea everyone says, until they realise that it’s the end of August and going to be tipping it down. A quick event update later (and a check online that there will be no brass band playing that day), the talk is relocated from Castle Mall Gardens to Chapelfield Gardens bandstand. Phew.

Janet Randell from Aviva spoke first, about how some are afraid of using an Agile process and will much prefer to stick to routine, especially in large corporations. The focus, she said, should be on business value first and foremost.

As the rain pelted down and everyone munched their sandwiches, Dom Davis at Rainbird took us through what Agile is and what it definitely is not. “Agile is not having a single one hour standup a week. That’s just an uncomfortable meeting”.

It was refreshing (despite the rain) to be out of an office or meeting room for an hour and hear an easily digestible talk of ten minutes or less. As we head into Autumn and winter though, we may have to relocate to the pub.

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