thorpe no 8Another glorious day in Norwich and another early morning training session at No. 8 Thorpe Road. This weeks’ seminar with Sandler Sales Training focused on Upfront Contracts – basically being honest about what you want, what you expect and how you imagine you will get there. Also Granola Cookies, which didn’t sound appealing (give me a bacon sandwich over granola any day) but they were surprisingly delicious.

Among other things Sandler lady Ermine made a point of using an Upfront Contract (or agreement really) at every stage of a business deal, especially at the end of a meeting. It became clear that the benefits of doing this were that everyone knew what was expected of them and what they could expect from each other. Essentially keeping the path clear so that there were no surprises or disappointments along the way, ensuring a better business relationship and (hopefully) better and more business!

She had some handy acronyms to help remember basic Upfront Contract procedure, at the beginning of a meeting and after the sale has been completed.

I also got to meet Keith, who’s job I still don’t fully understand, but seemed like a lovely chap albeit stressed at working with the public sector.

Still haven’t pocketed a Dinosaur but I’ve got my eye on the blue one with spines…..

Written by Lauren