Tech Nation 2017: Salaries surge across the UK for ‘twice as productive’ tech workers
Today marks the launch of Tech Nation 2017 from Tech City UK. Tech Nation 2017 shows that the UK digital tech sector is one of the country’s economic success stories, growing twice as fast as...
The Revolving Door
"Local businesses who want to give something back, as well as give their staff a great development opportunity, need to invest time as well as money if they really want to make an impact."
Have Your Say In Our 5 Concrete Asks For Parliament
Following the Norfolk Developers breakfast, Clive Lewis MP has offered Norfolk Tech companies the opportunity to put 5 key questions to the relevant minister at parliament.
The Nintendo Switch. Is it worth buying?
£250 might sound like a lot, plus you have to buy games on top of this, but it’s actually surprisingly good value for money once you get down to it.
Naked Element Is Expanding!
We are very pleased to announce that Emma Gooderham is our new Commercial Director.
Naked Element's trip to Great Yarmouth
Hot desking by the Coast.
We're hiring!
Hoping to kick-start a career in software development? Looking to develop your programming skills? Grab this great opportunity to work with us at Naked Element, an experienced and innovative team producing bespoke software for a wide range of clients.
Updating Data Protection
Technology is developing constantly; communication is becoming faster and the exchange of ideas and information easier. Considering how quickly things are evolving, it’s shocking to discover that the legislation protecting our data hasn’t been updated since 1998!
Nor(DEV):con 2017 : Helping business get the most from tech
Following the success of last year’s Norfolk Developers Conference (Nor(DEV):con), which attracted an unprecedented 400+ speakers, delegates and sponsors on the Friday alone, Nor(DEV):con 2017 promises to continue the record breaking trend.
TechEast Names Tim Robinson As Chief Operating Officer
TechEast, the organisation formed in 2016 to accelerate the expansion of the East of England’s technology cluster, yesterday named Tim Robinson as its first Chief Operating Officer.
My Time at Naked Element
When I first found out I’d be doing a week of work experience I was excited, this was a huge opportunity to be able to gain experience in an area I’m extremely interested in pursuing as a career.
Naked Element's solution brings 100% conformity in just two weeks
Ashford Commercial engaged with Naked Element to create a timesaving, cross-platform mobile app for them, in order to reduce error and save time when compared to their paper processes.
What do you do when you come across an error message on a web page that doesn’t show up in the server logs?
For starters, you might look a little confused whilst you make sure that you are in fact in the right log file, but then you knuckle down and find out what the issue is and how you can fix it.
Is 2017 the year you're going to improve your efficiency by up to 95%?
Are you drowning under the weight of spreadsheets? Do you need to streamline and automate your process for your team and/or your clients?
Nor(DEV):con 2017 Friday Keynote Speaker: The Technologist’s Guide to Hitchhiking
Are you assessed according to the professional development plan you submitted at last year’s appraisal? Where will you be in five year’s time? Have you ever been hitchhiking? The Technologist’s Guide to Hitchhiking - Seb Rose
Nor(DEV):con 2017 Friday Keynote Speaker: Are you ready for the coming revolution?
Keynote speaker Russel Winder will carry out a presentation, which will delve into some of the most important and/or obvious issues surrounding this world leading experiment in child education.
Nor(DEV):con 2017 Saturday Keynote Speaker - From Coda to Code: The SupaPass Journey
Join Norfolk Developers to discover the tech startup story, that began from a bedroom in Norwich with a vision for a more efficient rewarding future for creatives, and has led to a globally recognised tech platform working with artists from major record labels.
NorDev: Pre-Conference Special
Warm up for the main conference day with the pre-conference special
Nor(DEV):con 2017 School conference day
Norfolk Developers are excited to announce their programme for Nor(DEV):con’s schools day, put together by Paul Foster, Microsoft in consultation with many members of faculty from different schools across Norfolk & Norfolk Developers themselves.
Industry 4.0
Following on from Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to CBI Annual Conference 2016, Naked Element explains that Industry 4.0 is a revolution individuals and organisations must be aware of in order to prepare themselves for the big changes that lie ahead.