What’s it like working with a team of software developers?
Don’t believe the bad press about developers being nerds!
Vacancy: Executive PA / Office Manager
The forgotten backdoor into your computer network
On Monday 19th June I attended the inaugural Norfolk Cyber Security Cluster meeting, we heard from three speakers taking us through the risks, inside the mind of a hacker, and the one that I found most fascinating being Telephone System Network Security Consideration.
Lunch on the green 2017, it gets better every year
Another Summer comes and the annual Lunch on the Green event took place at Clapham & Collinge Solicitors on Wednesday 12th July 2017.
Norfolk Developers Business Dinners Return
We are pleased to announce that Norfolk Developers Business (NorDevBiz!) is making a return. Our second evening meeting will be on Monday 3rd of July 2017 at the Library Restaurant in Norwich at 7.30pm.
Workshop: An introduction to Microsoft Azure
This workshop aims to provide participants with solid knowledge, which includes: an overview of the Azure services, the goals and objectives behind each service and how Azure can help to improve your web and mobile development solution.
Node.js the Right Way: Practical Server-Side JavaScript That Scales
Node.js the Right Way is a fantastic little book. It gives a useful and practical overview of writing Node.js server side applications.
Know your plumbers from your electricians: The right tool for the job
Choosing the right programming language for a piece of software is as important as choosing a hammer to knock in a nail, a flat headed screw driver for a flat headed screw and a cross headed screwdriver for cross headed screw.
Sign on the Dotted Line - Why Contracts are Important
Contracts might seem like something only big business needs, and many small companies work without them, but if your work is important to you, it is vital to have a contract in place.
NorDev Call for submissions
After receiving such a positive response to the Norfolk Developers magazines at each conference, we’ve decided to release a magazine outside of it. We’re asking for your suggestions and contributions for our first issue due for release in September. This first issue will be focused around different aspects of A.I.
Chamber Cyber Security Conference
Cyber security is a topic that is on everyone’s minds this month, and if you follow the news it will be obvious why (and if you don’t, see our previous blog posts!). On May 18th I attended the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce’s Cyber Security Conference, hosted by Paul Maskall.
It’s not sales, it’s a way of life
People’s barriers start to rise the minute they hear the word ‘sales’. Images of cheap-suited, fast-talking phone drones appear. This figure is outdated however, and the sales training that Naked Element receive couldn’t be further from it.
Secure Software and the NHS Hack
As the NHS and other big organisations around the globe wrestle with this latest cyber attack, it is a reminder to us all that, in our ever increasing digital age, cyber security is critical.
Norfolk Cyber Security Cluster
“It’s been a long time coming” - David Higgins recently founded the county’s first cyber security cluster and plans to get the Norfolk branch up and running before beginning a similar group in Suffolk.
From Work Experience to Software Developer
"Coming out of uni having had that experience is really valuable in this industry."
We've relocated!
As of Tuesday 9th May, Naked Element are now based at New Patricks Yard, 2 Recorder Road, Norwich, NR1 1NR.
User Stories Workshop - What is it?
You may have heard us mention that we like to run a “User Stories Workshop” with our clients to understand requirements before we produce any software. You may also have thought what is it, and why?
Happy 5th birthday to us!
5 years ago today, on the 26th April 2012 Naked Element was incorporated by Matthew Wells, Chris Wright and our CEO Paul Grenyer.
A hand up, not a hand out
I was invited by Rebecca at Your Own Place to hear Baron John Bird, founder of the Big Issue, speak at the St. Giles House Hotel in Norwich. I was inspired to contribute and am looking forward to Rebecca coming to speak to the Naked Element team at Whitespace.
East Anglia One
A successful morning at Norfolk Chamber Great Yarmouth Business Breakfast.