National Apprenticeship Week

"I believe that apprentices are an excellent way for the predominantly small tech companies in the TechEast region to grow and a way to help fill the skills gap we have here. They are also a great way to support young people in our region to get industry experience."

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Checking in with our Apprentice! Lewis Reveals All.

“When Matt and I discussed getting an apprentice, we knew it was a huge risk for Naked Element. We'd only worked with experienced software developers before, but we wanted to teach someone who didn't already have lots of bad habits."

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Naked Element’s Perspective on Apprenticeships in Norfolk

The summer of 2015 saw David Cameron announce radical plans to increase the number of quality apprenticeships across England as part of the government's ambitious pledge to create a massive 3 million apprenticeships by 2020. We’ve taken a closer look at apprenticeships and how they’re changing the face of the workforce in Norfolk. What is [...]

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