How much will my software cost?

The question we get asked the second1 most when speaking to clients and potential clients is “how much will my bespoke software cost to build?” [...]

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Today Nor(Dev):con, tomorrow The World!

“Speaking at nor(DEV):con is a good indicator that people know what they’re talking about”. If anyone knows the truth of that sentence, it’s Dom Davis.

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Naked Element’s solution brings 100% conformity in just two weeks

Ashford Commercial engaged with Naked Element to create a timesaving, cross-platform mobile app for them, in order to reduce error and save time when compared to their paper processes.

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Naked Element produce a more efficient client-facing web presence for Bluemoon College

“Our old website wasn’t branded, slow and not working for us, we needed a whole new design to improve communication, speed and our web presence to potential business.” Our designer Shelley took on the challenge.

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Naked Element’s software for Fountain reduces processing time by 95%

Fountain Partnership Limited are a digital marketing company based in Norwich. Naked Element were chosen to build a script which would allow Fountain to manage one of their largest clients in Google AdWords, saving time and ultimately money.

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Apples & Androids

Android have shown an increase in market sales, overtaking Apple by a considerable margin and now account for three quarters of the market share.

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Britain’s Biggest Technology Company Sells Out To Japanese Tech Firm

If there was any concern that Brexit would have a negative impact on foreign investment in the UK, the doubts were somewhat quashed this week when ARM Holdings announced a takeover by Japanese tech giant, Softbank, in a deal worth a staggering £24bn.

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Making Connections: Responsive Systems & Neil Sedger

Everyone knows the monthly Norfolk Developer meets attract speakers from around the country to talk tech to us, but we were reminded recently that we also have a more practical function. To bring like-minded programmers together. One such successful collaboration began in March last year between John Heaser of Responsive Systems and freelance mobile developer [...]

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Agile Delivery

Agile software development is based on twelve core principles, while all twelve play a role in improving how an organisation produces software two in particular are key to understanding how we should view the world and our place in it. Customer satisfaction by early and continuous delivery of valuable software Working software is the principal [...]

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Making Connections: Epos Now & Kevlin Henney

Norfolk is very lucky to have a thriving tech scene, one which supports growth and encourages its members to help each other where they can. Adrian Pickering from Epos Now experienced this firsthand when he was after an experienced educator for his developers and was introduced to Kevlin Henney. Adrian saw Kevlin give a talk [...]

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