Ever wondered what an algorithm is?

Algorithms are everywhere. Our children are even taught about them at school, but have you ever found yourself wondering what an algorithm actually is? Maybe you’ve thought they’re something used by computers and created by computer programmers, but don’t really know what they are?

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Summary of Leading Cloud Providers

Naked Element favour Digital Ocean hosting due to it’s flexibility, cost, security, ease of setup and control. However, there are other leading hosting providers. The summary below details the level of security and price of each different provider. Types of Hosting To best understand the offerings of the different providers, it is important to understand [...]

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Making Connections: Responsive Systems & Neil Sedger

Everyone knows the monthly Norfolk Developer meets attract speakers from around the country to talk tech to us, but we were reminded recently that we also have a more practical function. To bring like-minded programmers together. One such successful collaboration began in March last year between John Heaser of Responsive Systems and freelance mobile developer [...]

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