React Starter Kit – Full Day Workshop

When: Tuesday, April 24, 9:00am to 4:45pm Where: The King's Centre, King Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH How much: £75 RSVP: In this one-day workshop you'll learn the basics of developing web apps with React. We'll gain an overview of what *React* does, and what problems it tries to solve. We'll learn how to use [...]

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Focus on Manufacturing

The East of England is fast becoming a hotbed for expertise and technology in the manufacturing sector. New Anglia Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering names the region as the third largest cluster in the UK for composites alone. Our once primarily rural area now holds a large stake in tertiary manufacturing also, making East Anglia, or [...]

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Know your plumbers from your electricians: The right tool for the job

Choosing the right programming language for a piece of software is as important as choosing a hammer to knock in a nail, a flat headed screw driver for a flat headed screw and a cross headed screwdriver for cross headed screw.

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A Review: Test-Driving JavaScript Applications

I wanted to start this review simply with "Wow! Just wow!", but that’s not really going to cut it. It’s true to say that when I first learned that there was going to be a book published called "Test-Driving JavaScript Applications" I was sure it was going to be the book I had been waiting for since at least late 2007 when I was forced to write JavaScript in production for the first time. It’s publication date was pushed back and back, so it really felt like I was being made to wait. However, I wasn’t disappointed and this book was everything I hoped it would be and more.

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Ever wondered what an algorithm is?

Algorithms are everywhere. Our children are even taught about them at school, but have you ever found yourself wondering what an algorithm actually is? Maybe you’ve thought they’re something used by computers and created by computer programmers, but don’t really know what they are?

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Experts in Integration

Integration is all around us. It’s what makes stuff work together seamlessly and, when done well, it means we don’t even notice it. An integration is essentially joining two or more things together. In tech terms we all take advantage of an integration every day when we charge our mobile phones or tablets. Our chargers [...]

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Norfolk Developers March 2016 Update

The first bit of good news is that the JavaScript workshop was a huge success and you can read more about it and some of the future plans for Norfolk Developers here: Another piece of good news is that the NorfolK Developers breakfast with John Beer of the Centre for Advanced Knowledge Engineering on Wednesday [...]

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Event: Building Serverless Applications with AWS & Hackathon 101 – Lessons Learnt

What: Building Serverless Applications with AWS & Hackathon 101 - Lessons Learnt When: Wednesday 13th April 2016, 6.30pm to 9.30pm Where: The King's Centre, King Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH RSVP: Ian Massingham of AWS returns to Norfolk Developers to give his cancelled NorDevCon 2016 session. Building Serverless Applications with AWS Ian Massingham (@IanMmmm) It [...]

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