Cookies, Dinosaurs & Sandler Sales Training

Ermine SandlerWe decided recently that our sales skills needed a tune-up, so we contacted Ermine at Sandler Sales Training. Our first session was bright and early Thursday morning. Thankfully there was hot tea on tap (almost literally) and homemade cookies, which helped ease us into the session.

In the modern meeting rooms at No.8 Thorpe Road we were taken through body language, tonality, building a rapport – lots of things that might seem obvious but that many people neglect when meeting potential new clients. There was also a submarine (a metaphorical one you understand).

We were given the task of setting ourselves a goal, and the task of reaching it, by the following session, kind of like being back at school but with coffee and iPhones. There were plastic toy dinosaurs on the tables too, so I set myself an extra goal of ‘freeing’ one during the next session. Dinosaurs deserve to be free range. Even if there are fewer homemade cookies in the wild.

We’ll keep you up to date with our progress as we make our way through the course!

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