What: Full day workshop GO learn(6*time.Hour)
When: Wednesday 21st October, 9.00am – 4.45pm
Where: King’s Centre, Norwich
How Much: £35.00



Laptop with Ethernet connection (preferred) or Wifi
Previous Programming Experience
The Go Language installed (see below)

This workshop will get experienced programmers new to Go started with the language and allow novice Gophers to secure their learning.

If you’ve not heard of Go before, it exists to make Google (even) more money by reducing their software development and deployment costs. The masterstroke was to make the project open-source, so that today more than half its contributors come from outside Google. Try searching “golang success stories”.

The morning will teach you the language itself (its very small), mostly through playing with a large number of trivial examples. The teaching will move at speed though most of the language features in order to concentrate on the two aspects that newcomers usually find most difficult – concurrency and interfaces.

If you want to be the class swot, you could try some of the trivial examples out on-line before the class itself at and (click the little gopher on the top-right to run the code on-line) … then you could ask some really awkward questions during the morning and make the tutor squirm!

The afternoon will consist of a small number of non-trivial programming exercises intended to give you a glimpse of Go in action.

You will need a Wi-Fi capable laptop with Go installed – official binary distributions are available from for FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. You don’t need a specific IDE to develop in Go, whatever you currently use, plus the command line, should be fine. …oh, and you will have a lot more fun with the concurrency aspects of Go if your laptop’s CPU is multi-core 😉

This will coincide with the Norfolk Developers Lunch that is held every month at All Bar One on Tombland. To RSVP follow the link:

Because of this we are starting at 9am and there will be a 2 hour lunch from 12pm – 2pm and finish at 4.45pm.

Further simple setup instructions will be e-mailed to attendees nearer the time.

Elliott Stoneham

Elliott first discovered programming in 1974 and has been inhaling deeply ever since. He exhibited at the first Internet World Show in London and wrote the website that sold the first insurance product online in the UK. After working as a systems programmer into his 30s, Elliott detoured into IT and general management between gaining 2 masters’ degrees in Business Administration and Chinese. Having been tempted back to his programming roots, his current passion is the Go programming language. He writes Go compilers and interpreters for fun, and works as a freelance Go developer for profit.