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Well hello! I’m Rain and I’m excited to announce I am the new Business Administrator apprentice of the Naked Element team. Working at Naked Element we are encouraged to take part in Sandler Training – Here’s how my first session went.

Taking part in my first Sandler session allowed me to understand the ways of self discipline, why it is important to take certain steps to achieve this and how it helps to achieve your overall objectives.

Ermine took us through the steps required to achieve our goals, whilst being disciplined. The first step was to know your goals and really understand what you were working towards – five goals daily and five big goals annually. Without having the bigger picture of what you want to achieve it becomes hard to focus and commit yourself to tasks. Whilst you are working hard towards your goals it is important to stay motivated – a simple solution (that most of us forget) is to reward ourselves. After reaching certain points throughout a project, motivation can begin to fade and without personal rewards the ability to complete a task is not enough of a reward to see us through to the end.

After listening to Ben from Anglia Freight, I learnt that within every successful business there are still underlying problems that prevent them from achieving their organisational aims. We learnt the way that his company attempts to keep track of their sales in relation to their aims using visual aids to see where they are not meeting their targets.

After Ermine’s advice it seemed everybody including myself was able to understand the importance of short term, medium term and long term goals and the importance of being SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time efficient. When goals are not achieved, we should not beat ourselves up about them, but learn from them and ensure they are achievable in the future.

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