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If a problem shared is a problem halved then does that mean that a prospect shared is a prospect doubled?

Whilst that might not be an official idiom, we certainly believe in the power of recommendations, referrals and reaping the rewards of reciprocal relationships!

We all know that recommendations and referrals are one of the most powerful ways to grow a business and we want to reward those that help us along the way.

We’re offering:

  • £500 referral reward for projects with a value of £5,000 to £10,000.
  • £1000 referral reward for projects over £10,000
  • Negotiated fees for significantly larger projects.

The fee will be payable once the first invoice is paid by the client.

Referring projects to us not only brings with it attractive financial incentives but the freedom to expand your own business. You get to offer your existing or future client base a set of skills that may be outside of your business’ remit, but enable you to offer services that complement your own. This will then strengthen your own client relationships and reputation, as well as increasing the possibility of winning more business in the future and all without incurring the costs of hiring full-time staff. That means no sick pay, employers NI or any of the other expenses that come with being the boss.

You’ll get your own Naked Element referrer’s toolkit to give you everything you need to be confident in talking about what we do and what we can offer your clients and their businesses.

Like you we want to build up a high quality bank of businesses that will benefit from the enterprise solutions we offer. Our ideal clients will share our passion for innovation, as well as appreciate the competitive advantage, cost and time efficiencies our solutions provide. They will have a problem that requires a non-trivial solution, such as manual processes that need automating. They will range from well funded start-ups to profitable medium and corporate businesses in a variety of sectors. What is important is their ability to see the advantages new technologies can bring to their business.

What’s more, we’re looking to build up a trusted and exclusive group of referral partners to whom we would also be more than happy to refer our own portfolio of clients for the products and services they offer.

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