Review: Rainbird and the Techstars Experience

“It’s very easy to be convincing about Norwich”

RainbirdTechstars is a huge initiative to help burgeoning business and technology ideas get off the ground. It gives small companies access to mentors they would otherwise never be able to see, let alone speak to (“like the Masons for geeks”). It also sounded like a new reality TV show where tech nerds are forced to live in a house together, and are challenged to create a new IT concept and forbidden to leave unless it is a success or they all kill each other, whichever comes first.

Tonight, in the top room of The Eagle Pub, SyncNorwich was listening to the guys from Rainbird talk about their experiences being part of Techstars and it sounded every bit the challenge it was built up to be. After Ben’s slick pitch, word-for-word the presentation he gave in London, the guys discussed the realities of their trial-by-tech. What was very obvious was that their concept was gaining a lot of momentum and, more importantly, a lot of funding as they had reached 75% of their total. It was also nice to know that being located in Norwich didn’t present any obstacles for them, or for the people they were trying to impress. The statement that Norwich is easy to be convincing about came from CEO Ben Taylor, and was echoed around the room. What also came across during the evening was that there wasn’t much time to get stressed about the challenge, or consider what might go wrong as one of them commented “you don’t have time to think ‘is this possible?’, you just have to do it!”

What was also abundantly clear was that the Rainbird chaps were dedicated to their cause. Not only had CTO Dom left his pregnant wife at home during the week to take part in Techstars in the preceding months, he had come straight from the hospital that night to chat to SyncNorwich after she had given birth. Now that’s dedication. Congratulations Dom!

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