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LinkedIn TrainingToday was a full day in the classroom with Ermine Amies, Sandler Sales trainer extraordinaire. As usual, there were tiny plastic dinosaurs on every desk but this time there were also brightly coloured slinkies. Hooray!

On a more professional note, we were spending the day learning how to improve our LinkedIn profiles and use them to our best advantage (and to better our business obviously. That’s what it’s there for right?). It might sound like an obvious thing to do, but those of us on LinkedIn should really be maximising our profile or not bother at all. Everything is searchable, everything demonstrates the kind of person you are (business wise) and the kind of people you, or your business, are looking to meet. Unsurprisingly having information on your profile in a variety of media types is a bonus, sharing or commenting genuinely on relevant content is valuable, as is checking competitors connections and referrals.

After spending the morning questioning and checking our own profiles we had a lush lunch put on by the folks at No. 8 (I personally stuffed my face with cheese, whereas Paul could have had a gallon of the soup on offer). The afternoon was spent sharing ideas and helping each other to improve, as well as scheduling our own improvements and goals for the future. Thoroughly useful and we even came away with a few new contacts as well!

Just in case you were wondering, here we all are on LinkedIn –

Paul LinkedIn

Lauren Gwynn

Lewis LinkedIn

Caroline LinkedIn

Lauren Y. LinkedIn

Shelley LinkedIn

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