Sunshine and Budgets!

Dinosaurs!This week was a scorcher at Sandler Sales training. Not only was it already above 20 degrees and not even 8am, but we were dealing with budgets today. Money is a tricky thing to talk about but for those of us running a business, it’s essential that we do! Ermine gave some ideas on how to bring up budget without making people feel awkward or uncomfortable, and gave us an idea on how to officially ‘close’ a sale. I will divulge one tip – the sale isn’t over until your fee is in the bank! A lesson a lot of us have already learned the hard way.

The cookies this week were indulgent white chocolate and raspberry (no granola for me!) but the dinosaurs were missing. Good job I snapped a picture of them the week before, or you’re all going to think i’m making it up. Or going crazy. Maybe both….

by Lauren.

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