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The East of England is fast becoming a hotbed for expertise and technology in the manufacturing sector. New Anglia Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering names the region as the third largest cluster in the UK for composites alone. Our once primarily rural area now holds a large stake in tertiary manufacturing also, making East Anglia, or ‘New Anglia’, a prime spot for manufacturing businesses.

As with many manufacturing companies, the actual process from design start to product finish is a complex one, involving the monitoring of a number of values including –

  • Production levels
  • Error checking
  • Stock levels
  • Delivery and distribution logistics
  • Quality Control
  • Customer service

In many businesses, especially those with a long heritage, these values are checked by members of staff using manual, paper-based processes. These manual systems are labour intensive and prone to error. Figures are recorded incorrectly, hand-writing is misread, tasks are left undone during staff absence or paperwork gets lost! Even when software is in place to make life a little easier, the online shop won’t co-operate with the stock records or delivery software meaning manual input by staff between each step of the process meaning valuable time being lost!

According to LNS Research, a quarter of manufacturing executives said the lack of collaboration between departments as well as disparate systems and data sources was one of their main challenges in the industry. And as a result, nearly three quarters of manufacturers said they were planning to implement process improvement plans, and that means software. 

It is predicted that by 2020, 20% more aftermarket revenue will be gained by manufacturers simply by using product and service quality measures to improve customer experience. (Industry Today) A.I. is also set to play an increasing part in business, as organisations are already gathering data for use in new A.I. strategies. All this means that however industrial a process might seem on the surface, software and technology are becoming an integral part of manufacturing.

Here at Naked Element we specialise in keeping manufacturing businesses ahead of the curve with future proof software tailored to your needs.

Tailored software can

  • Increase production scale and reduce costs
  • Significantly reduce delays and errors
  • Improve compliance with industry standards
  • Provide Real-time data from the shop floor to highlight areas that are underperforming
  • Generate reliable projections to help keep your client’s better informed and improve their overall experience
  • Help your business to stay competitive and better prepared to respond to client’s needs

Naked Element are already working with manufacturing businesses in the region, from bespoke production companies to bulk trade manufacturing. Our app for one company led to 100% conformity and for another it meant a seamless process from their client’s initial idea to the final bespoke delivery. Another Norfolk based client found our software carried out functions in just an hour that were previously taking twenty.

Want to find out what we can do for your business? Start by giving us a call on 01603 383458 or email and inviting us round! We will spend time with you, getting to know your business and your processes, determining where the problem areas lie and how we can solve them. It could be as simple as turning paper-based tasks to app-based ones, reducing time-wasting duplication or getting two different systems to talk to each other!

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