How much will my software cost?

The question we get asked the second1 most when speaking to clients and potential clients is “how much will my bespoke 2 software cost to build?” This is extremely difficult to answer without lots of detail and even then the complexities of software development, the complexity of client requirements and clients changing needs over the course of a project make an accurate estimate challenging.

For this reason, most software development companies shy away from including prices on their website. In fact we checked the websites of a number of our competitors and the closest we found was one who offers a range of fee options from fixed price to a daily rate and a couple who ask for your budget when contacting them for more information. As a client, until you get that first email response, phone call or face-to-face meeting you’re no closer to understanding how much your software will cost. Even then it may be some time before you are any the wiser.

We can’t help you understand how much your project will cost until we speak to you. What we can tell you is how much projects have cost our existing clients. We’ve broken the figures down into the types of services we provide, the minimum project cost, the maximum project cost, the average project costs and where in the range most of the projects sit:

Project Type Minimum Maximum Average (Mean) Most projects Under
Enterprise Software & Mobile Development £3,000 £230,000 £36,000 £40,000
Creative Websites £450 £6,500 £2,500 £1,500
Consultancy £550 £20,700 £3,000 £1,000

* All values are approximate, exclude VAT and are correct as of August 2017

To start investigating how your business problem could be solved with a bespoke application, please contact us for a chat.

1 The thing everyone wants to know first is if we can solve their problem.
2 Our software is truly bespoke. We can modify off the shelf software for you, but we don’t consider this truly bespoke.

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