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Naked Element develops pricing application for IDSystems

Naked Element are working with Norwich-based company IDSystems to develop a bespoke web application. IDSystems are specialists in all aspects of glazing and supply and install German bi-folding doors together with manufacturing high quality aluminium sliding doors and windows. The new application is designed to aid their trade partners through the complex choices and range of options available to IDSystems customers. Founded in 2000 IDSystems offers tailored glazing solutions for unique properties – so impressive is their product range and installation service, that they have been featured many times on the popular Channel 4 show ‘Grand Designs’. Because of the complex nature of the product and service that this Norfolk company offer, the software used to handle their sales and quotes, both internally and when with a potential customer, has to be truly unique.

Their current system employs a combination of Access, Excel and an SQL Server database, but they wanted to make their system more efficient. Carl Farrow, the Technical Development Manager at IDSystems, was introduced to Naked Element after receiving a referral. After meeting with Carl to discuss the specific requirements, Naked Element recommended development of a single web application, using Ruby on Rails, which could be used both internally by employees as well as externally by trusted trade partners, via the trade arm of their business; Sunflex UK. The application would present pricing options, produce quotes for customers, process orders and present the numerous options available such as colour, types of material, design of doors and more. This web application would also have the ability to integrate with a mobile app in the future. Previously IDSystems’ partners were having to contact them and ask an agent to manually enter the details of each order or quote into a spreadsheet. After this was completed, the results from the spreadsheet would have to be entered manually again into Access, a process that proved cumbersome and prone to errors. The new application from Naked Element will save both time and money, as well as minimising the risk of errors and making the whole sales process more efficient.

Carl said “I haven’t done anything like this before so I didn’t really know what to expect, but everything’s gone really well. It was always extremely clear what was happening, what work was on going and what they were expecting to do in each iteration of the project. Compared to some other companies we have worked with, Naked Element were a breath of fresh air.” As with every project there were some challenges, namely the sheer variety of options and products IDSystems has available to its customers, but Carl said the Naked Element team took it in their stride. “They’ve always managed to solve any issue that has arisen and deal with any complex rulings required.”

Paul Grenyer, Director at Naked Element said, “I have really enjoyed working with Carl at IDSystems as he understands innovation and what technology can do for his business. It was clear from the outset that our solution would add value and help streamline their processes. I was able to employ my experience of bespoke software development to quickly solve each issue as it arose. I worked closely with Carl at every stage to make sure he was always satisfied with the software and service IDSystems received.”

When asked if he would recommend Naked Element to others, Carl said just one word. “Absolutely”.

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