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Naked Element completes Website Development in time for SQN Queens Award announcement

Syne qua non (SQN) are not a company you are likely to have heard of, but at some point, they are likely to have had some influence on your life and wellbeing, albeit from behind the scenes. As one of the largest clinical biometrics service providers in Europe they provide clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical development, clinical biometrics and associated services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health care industry. Health is a universal concern and SQN support the collection, management and reporting of data for new and emerging treatments.

The South Norfolk based company contacted Naked Element to migrate and rebrand their website for them. After they designed the structure of a new website a few years previously, they found they were struggling to complete it to their demanding expectations, so wanted a quick turnaround to finally get the project done. The time criticality was enhanced when it became known that SQN were to be awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation, 2017. That’s where designer Shelley came in. “Shelley achieved everything we wanted in about three weeks that had taken us three years to do! She really was exceptional.” SQN Business Support Manager Polly Allen worked closely with Shelley on the project and was impressed with how quickly Naked Element’s designer was able to get a feel for the culture and needs of the company. “Shelley has been a star from day one, she just grasped what was needed from the start”.

“It was clear they knew exactly what we wanted and were able to translate our vision into what we were looking for.”

It can sometimes prove challenging to take a client’s vision of their company and create a website that accurately interprets and represents that vision, especially when aspects of that vision are not always practical or even possible! In this case it helped that Shelley and SQN were on the same wavelength and could discuss what was, and wasn’t, feasible. Shelley says “SQN had a high-level set of ideas of what they wanted but more detail was required. Helping them convert those ideas into a website was easy because we worked so well together”. Polly agrees “Shelley was excellent when it came to making suggestions when things couldn’t be presented exactly how we imagined – like the way images and pages presented across different technical platforms. We think we know what we want, but Naked Element’s expertise and Shelley’s experience was able to guide us in the right direction and tell us where we could do things better, differently or properly!” Shelley and SQN collaborated with each other throughout, making the project easier (and quicker) to complete. “Working with SQN was fantastic” says Shelley “We all had a good rapport from the beginning. They were always open to suggestions and have a great team around them.”

The finished website went live at the end of April and has already received very positive feedback. When asked if she would work with Naked Element again, Polly replied “Without hesitation. Not only did Shelley understand the nature of the business, and was able to translate that into the website, she was always very responsive. She fitted in with us right away and has helped us at every step. We are thrilled with the website and now working on plans to enhance and develop it further.

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