Time machines, TV, Azure, Logging, Employer Influence and….badminton at nor(DEV) in November!

What: The Very Slow Time Machine with Jez Higgins & Me TV with Russel Winder

When: Wednesday 7th November 2018 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Where: Mills & Reeve, 1 St James Ct, Norwich NR3 1RU

RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/Norfolk-Developers-NorDev/events/252504253/

The Very Slow Time Machine with Jez Higgins

Archangel is a joint project involving University of Surrey, The National Archive, and The Open Data Institute, investigating how we might help ensure the long-term integrity of digital documents stored in public archives.

When an archive produces a physical artefact, its relatively easy to establish that it is indeed the original document, preserved unaltered since it was first deposited.

But a _digital_ artefact?

A digital document can be infinitely copied without degradation, but can also be undetectably altered, inadvertently or deliberately, both with benign or malign intent.

How can we be confident that what we’ve presented with is, in fact, identical to the document that was first stored in archive?

Archangel is trying to address this problem, and in this talk I’ll describe some of the approaches and technologies we’re using.

Spoilers: Yes, it includes blockchains, but it’s about the only blockchain application you’ll hear of that doesn’t immediately make you feel dirty. It might also include machine learning, but it’s machine learning for justice.

Jez Higgins

You may know Jez from such talks as A Browse Through ES6 or Chris & Jez’s Old Skool Artisan Software Workshop. He’s currently working for West Midlands Fire Service as software grandad-in-residence and on Archangel as a researcher, although by the time this talk rolls round he’ll be looking to start filling his 2019 diary.

Me TV – a journey from C and Xine to Rust and GStreamer, via D with Russel Winder

Whilst the Web and streaming has more or less stopped people being interested in watching OTA television on a computer, it remains a fun problem to work on. Me TV started life when creating software PVR and media centres was “a thing”. MythTV and Kodi won that race and Me TV faded into obscurity. But I wanted a Freeview (UK DVB T2) player, not a PVR.

This presentation skims through some of the technical fun and hassles of picking up a “dead project” and working on it as a personal project, and then discovering there are users. There will be commentary on evolving vs rewriting codebases, some programming languages, some APIs and their bindings, and tool support.

Assuming there is TV signal in the venue, there will be demonstrations.

Oh, and there will be code.

Russel Winder

Ex-theoretical physicist. Ex-UNIX systems programmer. Ex-computer science academic. Ex-author. Ex-analyst. Ex-expert witness. Ex-Trainer. Not yet an ex-human being. Still interested in programming and programming languages. And concurrency and parallelism. And build.

Still helps organise the ACCU conference https://www.conference.accu.org


What: Special: Azure Sphere: Intelligent Edge & Logging is Hot Again (with free food!)

When: Thursday 8th November 2018 6:15pm to 9:00pm

Where: Modality Systems, Rosebery Court, Central Ave, Norwich, NR7 0HS

RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/Norfolk-Developers-NorDev/events/252504253/

Azure Sphere: Intelligent Edge (plus an update on Norfolk network and smart sensor concepts)

Industry largely underestimates the critical societal need to embody the highest levels of security in every network-connected device – every child’s toy, every household’s appliances, and every industry’s equipment. High development and maintenance costs have limited strong security to high-cost or high margin devices. Azure Sphere brings together the best of Microsoft’s expertise in cloud, software, and silicon—resulting in a unique approach to security that starts in the silicon and extends to the cloud. This session will give a short brief on two projects I have been working on for some time. Azure Sphere and the Norfolk wide deployment of The Things Network LoRaWAN. Both present enormous opportunities for technology solutions and broad societal impact. And honestly, I can make this fun and entertaining – I promise!

Paul Foster

Since joining Microsoft in 1994, Paul Foster has worked across a wide range of sectors and customers, providing a mix of technical and strategic guidance around the creative use of technology in relation to their business needs. Paul is currently a senior software engineer at Microsoft, focused on the building of next generation sensor webs which automate the gathering of data from disparate sources, and how to enable the creative analysis of this data to start a new era of perception. He is the initiator of The Things Network Norfolk community group. For a short-time Paul was a member of a high-wire flying trapeze circus troupe, is a keen roboticist and an international marathon runner.

Logging Is Hot Again – Gael Fraiteur (PostSharp – postsharp.net)

If you think logging is boring, stop yawning and think again.

Designed for the ages of monolithic synchronous applications running in data centers or on the desktop, traditional text-file-oriented logging frameworks such as log4net or nlog are becoming obsolete. New tools, best-practices and standards are emerging to make sense out of massively distributed and asynchronous applications that run in the cloud, in containers, or in mobile devices. Solutions for a world where storage and computing power are cheap and can be provisioned within minutes.

Starting with the question “what do we want to log and why?”, this talk gives a bird’s eye overview of the new logging landscape. It introduces open-source solutions like Elasticsearch, Fluentd or OpenTracing, and commercial services like Application Insights. On a code level, it shows how PostSharp can help to generate highly detailed logs with minimal efforts.

The key takeaway of this talk is a broad understanding of the business of logging and application instrumentation, so you’re ready to make choices on your own.

Gael Fraiteur

Gael Fraiteur has been passionately programming since childhood; building and selling his first commercial software at age 12. He is Founder and Principal Engineer at PostSharp Technologies based in Prague, Czech Republic. Gael is a widely recognized expert in aspect-oriented programming and pattern-aware compilers. He speaks at developer conferences in Europe and the United States.


What: How the employer voice can influence technical & vocational training

When: Monday 12th November 2018 5.30pm to 6.30pm

Where: The Library Restaurant, 4A Guildhall Hill, Norwich, NR2 1JH

RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/Norfolk-Developers-NorDev/events/251982755/

How the employer voice can influence technical & vocational training and apprenticeships in the digital and IT skills sector over the next 5 years.

Ruth Royle & Roz Hicks

The Government’s agenda for the wider field of technical and vocational education alongside apprenticeships is changing. As a large FE College and apprenticeship provider we believe that employers are central to this process and our aim this evening is to start meaningful dialogue into how we can enable employers to both support and challenge us as we launch the new T Level curriculum and apprenticeship standards. We want to hear from you about the challenges you have in recruiting employees and how we can work together to fill the gap and make a difference to the next generation.

The goal of the session is to begin to investigate where local businesses could help us trial the industrial placement model and how we can develop our working relationship over a number of years and ask you as employers what should our curriculum look like?’


What: Badminton

When: Friday 16th November 2018 5.30pm to 6.30pm

Where: 69 King St, Norwich, NR1 1QW

RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/Norfolk-Developers-NorDev/events/bnbrkqyxpbvb/

Many of us need more exercise! We’ve booked a court and will play doubles from a team of 6.

£2 towards the Court.
50p entry for non-members of the sports centre.
£1 for racket hire.

Free Car Parking is available within the Blue Zone of the Centre’s Car Park, see the map for directions.

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